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Gateway to Space 2016

St. Louis Space Frontier is hosting the Third Annual Gateway to Space Conference! Our theme this year is Innovations in Space.

The mission of Gateway to Space 2016 is to provide an opportunity for people immersed in the exploration, development, and settlement of Space to network and share innovative ideas, research, and products that will make an impact on thriving communities in Space.

The conference will be held at Saint Louis University's Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology on Saturday, October 8, 2016.

The one day conference will include:

  • Morning coffee
  • Keynote presenter, Brian Stofiel of Stofiel Aerospace
  • Innovations in Space talks
  • Exhibits
  • Opportunities to network
  • Gateway to Space awards to Parks College and Earl Mullins, Founder of The Space Museum

In addition to the one day conference attendees may optionally participate in:

  • A Friday afternoon tour of Saint Louis University's Aerospace Engineering Labs, which include low speed and supersonic wind tunnels, a flow visualization water tunnel, 3-D printers, and the Space Systems Lab. The tour is from 3:30-4:30 on Friday, October 7. Meet at 3:15pm in the McDonnell Douglas Hall Rotunda. (Parking is available on the street or in a nearby parking garage.)

  • First Friday at St. Louis Science Center on October 7 - set up table at 5:30pm, event begins at 6pm. Come and have fun at "Dreams and Nightmares!" Our table is on the Planetarium side but the entire Science Center will be filled with activities, speakers, and movies for adults, young and old. For the schedule visit: http://www.slsc.org/dreamsandnightmares

  • Lunch on your own on Saturday. Visit SLU's website for ideas for lunch: http://www.slu.edu/where-to-eat

  • Tour of MOTO Motorcycle Museum at 5:00pm on Saturday.

  • Dinner Saturday evening at 5:30 pm at Triumph Grill for networking fun. (Each person can order off the menu and pay for his/her own meal and beverages.)

Innovations in Space talks include:

  • Technology, Self-education, and Innovation
  • "Lifting ferries" for cargo jets and -- some day -- rockets
  • STEAM Education that is Out of This World
  • A Method for Minimizing the Effects of Weightlessness in Long-term Space Travel
  • Role of Bioreactors in Space Farms
  • Undergraduate-Led CubeSat Development
  • Exploring Mars to Civilize Earth
  • Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
  • Watch for Falling Rocks – Avoiding the Next Chelyabinsk Event
  • High Altitude Balloons (HABs) for High-value Planetary Science Observation
  • Catching Fire!

To register and get tickets go to:


Hosted by St. Louis Space Frontier and Saint Louis University's Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology.

Sep 10

The 2016 Bonne Terre Aire Festival

September 9th :: Pre-Festival Dance Party in advance of the 2016 Bonne Terre Aire Festival. Great music with Medallion, beverages and snacks. $15/person - $25/couple. Price includes admission to the Aire Festival on Saturday and the Medallion Concert that evening. Don't miss this evening event !

September 10th :: 9 am Craft Vendors, Food Vendors, Airplane/helicopter Rides, Earl Mullins Rocket Launch, R/C airplane demos, Pony Rides, Live Music - BALLOON GLOW at dusk. Medallion starts at 6:00 pm. $5 Admission.

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Grand opening of The Space Museum Annex

Please join us for the grand opening of The Space Museum Annex. The date is tentative due to the remodeling work still in progress.

We hope to have an Astronaut as a guest along with some of the McDonnell Aircraft Company engineers and workers who are helping us.

There will be lots of room for more displays in the Annex.

Check back here for updates. It's going to be a grand opening.

Rocket Launch
1:30 pm13:30

Rocket Launch

  • Bonne Terre Airport

The last time we attempted to launch a rocket..... well.... we'll just call it a learning experience.  Now it's time to take what we learned and try it again!

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(In case of bad weather on Saturday we'll try to launch on Sunday - Watch Facebook for updates)

Check out these videos from our previous launches!