World Class Collections

The Space Museum has incredible items on display. From space suits to space rocks anything you can imagine you can experiance at the Space Museum. Interested in loaning or borrowing an object?

World Class Collections

Out of this World Events

The Space Museum puts on several events annually. Each one is top notch family fun. Want to see whats coming up?

Out of this World Events

Fantastic Outreach Programs

The Space Museum has a variety of programs designed to develop and foster a love of learning and space in schools, community groups, and anywhere else where students want to learn about space

Fantastic Outreach Programs

Artifact Loans


The Museum is constantly trying to upgrade its’ exhibits and expose as many as possible to the paraphernalia generated by man’s boldest venture.

It might be that you are in possession of items of great historical significance. The museum encourages you to share these important items with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to appreciate them.

Although the Museum encourages artifact donation, it is not necessary that it own the items that are on display.

If you have an artifact related to space exploration, and feel that the public should view it; the Museum will be glad to evaluate it. If it is found to be significant, the Museum will display it with the dignity and consideration it deserves.

Of course, proper recognition will be given to those making the loan and when they desire the article be returned, it will be done so promptly.

Be assured that the artifact will be well cared for. The Museum follows Smithsonian guide lines for the preservation and display of artifacts. Acid free display materials are used for all fixtures, temperature and humidity are monitored to retain recommended levels, and UV filtered low lux lighting is used throughout to avoid fading.

So, if you have an artifact languishing in your basement, closet, or attic; please consider loaning it to the Museum in order that others might appreciate it. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from generosity and helping to preserve history!

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