Our Mission

Our mission statement perhaps says it best. Touching the past, inspiring the future.


Earl Mullins

Founder and President of

The Space Museum

“The space museum began as the dream and passion of one individual early on in his life. As a young man, the founder’s ultimate goal was to seek employment in the aerospace community upon completion of his formal education. Unfortunately, this came at a time when the United States was deescalating their part in the Space race and as budget cuts were imposed on NASA. His chance to participate in this historic venture was unfulfilled. As a young child, he began collecting artifacts of the space age and despite his unrealized dream, he continued to collect these artifacts as a way to satisfy his life’s passion 

By 2002, he decided that he needed to share his collection and his knowledge with others and he began proceedings to open a museum. The museum would be dedicated to his passion for Space advocacy and his desire to inspire others to adopt those same ideas that carried us to the moon. The grand opening was held June 24th, 2006 with Lowell Grissom, brother of astronaut Gus Grissom, as the guest of honor.

It soon became apparent that being able to develop the museum to a meanigful level would require more than personal resources would allow, therefore in June of 2008 the museum was incorpoated and a not for profit status was granted in July of that same year.

Our comprehensive artifact collection is a testament to a way of thinking, the type of thinking that allowed our country to place a man on the moon in a single decade. They declare in vivid detail how the impossible became the possible, and how a dream became a reality.

As long as we are given the opportunity, we will continue to use those artifacts of mankind’s greatest achievement to inspire future generations to do even greater things.”

- Earl Mullins